RonI specializes in mobile roll handling solutions equipment that can lift and manipulate heavy rolls. Common applications involve moving, lifting, inverting, and rotating. We can lift and rotate rolls, spools, reels, as well as other products of similiar size and shape. In many cases, roll handling must be transferred to and from pallets which commonly requires rotation between core vertical and core horizontal positions. We accomplish this by using a manual rotation handle or our optional electric rotate kit. Our end effectors, or attachments as they are commonly called, are interchangeable which means you can switch them easily to accommodate multiple applications with one piece of equipment.

Manual Roll Manipulators

Core Probe Attachment

Our Core Probe attachment comes in a variety of styles that include a standard probe as well as a wheeled version to assist the operator when offloading a heavy roll.

V-Block Attachment

Use a V-Block to handle lightweight reels and rolls with manual rotation for spindle loading.

Fixed Forks

Fixed Forks can be used to pick up a reel and are the ideal solution for cross roll handling applications.

Expand-O-Turn Light

For lighter applications, our Expand-O-Turn Light™ is the perfect complement to our Lift-N-Go II™ lifter. The Expand-O-Turn Light™ is strictly a mechanical operation and does not require any power to operate. The unit has a maximum weight capacity of 80 pounds and can handle rolls with a maximum width of 12 inches.