Our LIFT-O-FLEX® portable lifters create better work environments while reducing work-related injuries. Design and manufacturing take place in-house which allows us to build a lifter to meet your individual project requirements.

Our lifters operate via rechargeable batteries and require very little maintenance. We have a large number of standard tools such as loading platforms, forks, Squeeze-O-Turn™ (our clamping tool that grips from the outside while lifting and rotating), and our mechanical or pneumatic EXPAND-O-TURN® (for handling rolls via their core). We also manufacture many customer-specific tools.

Maximize your productivity today without expensive setup and training for immediate reduction of injury risks and related cost.

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Lifter Product Line

19000 Series Portable Lifter
The 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® portable ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities.

20000 Series Portable Lifter
The 20500HS Series of LIFT-O-FLEX® portable lifters are ergonomically designed to simplify handling, lifting, and transportation of goods.

LIFT-N-GO II™ Portable Lifter
The LIFT-N-GO II™ portable lifter has a lifting capacity up to 200 pounds. While it is the smallest and lightest of our equipment offering; do not underestimate it's capabilities.

Lift-N-Glide™ Hybrid Lifter
The Lift-N-Glide™ is our hybrid lifter, utilizing the benefits of our Movomech Overhead Rail and/or crane system as well as the modular components of our 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® lifter.

Available Attachments

Aluminum Pallet
An aluminum posted pallet is used as a workstation to allow LIFT-O-FLEX ergonomic lifter leg access for loading or unloading wood pallets.

Core Probe
Roll loading to spindles can be handled without the need for fixed or auxiliary equipment.

Our EXPAND-O-TURN® is an electric core expander for paper and film rolls.

Our Forks attachment is a highly-customizable option for your load handling needs.

Forward Tip Squeeze-O-Turn
The 19000 Forward Squeeze-O-Turn combines the Lift-O-Turn and Lift-O-Squeeze.

Our Lift-O-Squeeze™ attachment is designed for pick and place operations.

Telescoping Cantilever
The Telescoping Cantilever Lift-O-Squeeze™ assists in providing load handling for lifting rolls and drums.

The Lift-O-Turn™ attachment can be equipped with different arms to handle various products .

Load Platform
Our load platforms allow operators to handle totes, boxes, rolls, and pails with little effort.

Our electric Squeeze-O-Turn™ is a lifting device to support drum handling and more.

Sheet metal panels weighing up to 200 pounds can safely be picked up and manipulated to various positions.

The Off Set Rotating “V” Block is designed for handling rolls with multiple drop-off locations.