Meet our articulated jib crane family - MOBI-Crane. This modular concept offers a superior level of flexibility and meets the needs of any handling situation up to 185 lbs.

There are a wide range of modules to choose from, for example: adjustable columns, boom arms of different lengths. Common tools includes hoists, mechanical and magnetic tools, as well as pneumatic and vacuum tools. We can provide you a custom solution for your application.

The air feed is integrated into the lifting arm and allows air feed to a customized pneumatic handling tool. The crane is electrically galvanized and maintenance-free and a variety of pneumatic configurations can be offered.

Multiple mounting options are available. If you want mobility, we can mount the crane onto a floorplate which can be moved around via pallet jack or forklift. The crane can also be installed in various other ways such as directly to the floor, to the wall, or to an existing column.


Product Overview

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Mobi Crane Line

Mechline Pro Crane
A versatile articulating crane Mechline Pro Crane™ can be adapted to each individual workplace, with a reach of up to 13 ft, and a height-adjustable floor pillar.

The MOBI-Chain Is a unique product that combines the mobile articulated jib crane smoothness with fast, precise and stepless lifting movements via an integrated Mechchain Pro.

Vacuhand Pro Crane
Vacuhand Pro Crane™ is a complete stand-alone lifting solution for fast and easy lifting.


Heavy Duty Roll Turning Device The Heavy Duty Manually Operated Core Expander is a manually operated core expander for paper and film roles with 3” and 6” cores.