Data Center Lift for Servers

RonI, LLC (Lift-O-Flex) makes the strongest, lightweight and flexible data center lift for servers to transport, position and install/remove servers. In order to perform these functions safely, efficiently and effectively, the server units must be accessed from within various types of storage racks with varying dimensions, and moved to other locations within the data center. We have been working with some of the larger data centers to fulfill their lifting requirements, while taking each facilities’ constraints into account. Our Data Center Lift for Servers have a lifting capacity of 3”-100” and can lift up to 500lbs depending on configuration.

The Lift-O-Flex portable lifter is our solution to the continued growth in computer usage. Computing quintupled between 2010 and 2018. Computer technology and storage increases every year. Global capacity is predicted to double every three years. With the rise in technology usage comes the increase in storage requirements for data centers. Data centers for larger companies, as well as, smaller headquarters are required to transport, position and install/remove their servers safely across their facilities.

Standard and custom shelving options are available to suit your exact needs.

Features include:

  • Multi speed remote.
  • 3 point directional lock braking system.
  • Various tooling shelf designs available.
  • Standard and custom solutions available.
  • Available in different lifting heights, including telescopic.
  • Built in release function to prevent crushing injuries or tipping over.
  • Non hydraulic.
  • Light weight.
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Extremely easy to change out the battery.


  • You can accomplish more with less people / time
  • Reduce downtime
  • Optimal process
  • Remove repetitive strain injuries
  • Fits the task
  • Agile work
  • Simplifies and reduces effort to complete tasks
  • Protection
  • Smooth
  • Reduce risk of accidents

Safety Statistics:

  • Back injuries cost approximately $210 Billion last year.
  • - 75% of the population will become affected by some type of back problem.
    - People with heavy / repetitive work motions / lifts are more likely to be affected by back problems.

  • 50% of back problems are a direct result of lifting.
  • Illness of the motion organs is the most common reason of long-term absenteeism and early retirement.
  • Pain and impairments of motion hinder individuals from having a normal and enjoyable life.
  • High-load lifts lead to early wear and tear symptoms of muscles, joints and discs.
  • Certain packages / containers are even difficult to move if lightweight due to awkward sizes and shapes.
  • Weight limits should be reduced by around 30% where operation is repeated once or twice a minute, by 50% if the operation is repeated five to eight times per minute and by 80% if the operation is repeated more than 12 times per minute.

Lift-O-Flex Demonstration

Data Center Lift for Servers - Quick Form

Our team builds each piece of equipment custom fit to your specifications. Contact us for a quotation to better understand price structure.