Tote Handling

Do you need to pick and place heavy or awkward totes in your facility? Our equipment can help you with this task! We handle totes of varying sizes and types. We can pick them up using different mechanical and pneumatic tooling.

In many cases, we design a tool or attachment specific to your tote shape and design. We attach the custom tooling to our ergonomic lifters, cranes, and overhead lift systems in order to manipulate your product from one place to another. We have several options available to assist you with your tote-handling needs!

Available Attachments

19000 Series Portable Lifter
The 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® portable ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities.

20000 Series Portable Lifter
The 20500HS Series of LIFT-O-FLEX® portable lifters are ergonomically designed to simplify handling, lifting, and transportation of goods.

LIFT-N-GLIDE ™ Hybrid Lifter
The Lift-N-Glide™ is our hybrid lifter, utilizing the benefits of our Movomech Overhead Rail and/or crane system as well as the modular components of our 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® lifter.

Forks Attachment
Our Forks attachment is a highly-customizable option for your load handling needs.

Load Platform Attachment
Our load platforms allow operators to handle totes, boxes, rolls, and pails with little effort. They are available in several standard sizes as well as custom sizes.

VacuHand V Constructed for top-quality ergonomics, safety, and precision, the Vacuhand V is our vacuum lifter to handle loads between 10-440 pounds and is designed for a two-hand grip.

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