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Virtual Handling Assessment

RonI understands that everyone is experiencing challenges due to the Coronavirus. The RonI team knows as your business continues to remain open you may have the need for our products. We agree that visually seeing a customer’s factory floor and/or material handling challenges are preferred, but unfortunately traveling is not an option due to social distancing. Due to these restrictions, RonI is offering the use of Virtual Zoom meetings to all customers/prospective customers.

These Zoom meetings will allow multiple members from your team to visually discuss your project with members from our office. We will be able to discuss your questions and see any restrictions your facility may have.

If interested, please contact our office at 866-543-8635 or Info@RonI.com for additional details.

Upcoming Trade Shows

ASSP Safety 2023
June 5th – 7th
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, TX
Booth #: 426
Blog link: Click Here
Show Information: Click Here
Show Registration Page: Click here


Part of Amplex Group

RonI is part of Amplex, a privately owned Swedish corporate group that acquires, owns and develops technology-based businesses in selected niches. Offering innovative solutions mainly in lifting technology and materials handling, workplace safety and lighting, the group companies contribute to increased efficiency and competitiveness for their customers. Together the companies have operations in some ten countries in Europe, Asia and North America. To learn more about Amplex, please visit www.amplexab.se.

About R on I

RonI, has been helping customers find solutions to their roll handing & lifting equipment, drum handling, bag lifting, tote handling and ergonomic lifting problems for more than 20 years. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, we provide solutions worldwide. We rely on our strong dealer network to extend our customer relationships throughout North America. We currently offer four product lines to include LIFT-O-FLEX® portable lifting equipment, MOBI-Crane™ portable jib cranes, Movomech overhead rail systems, and Voyager high-capacity roll lifters. Over the years, we have taken on countless applications including drum handling, roll handling, bag handling, tote handling, spool lifting, barrel handling, boxes—you name it, we’ve probably handled it. We have worked with several material handling industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, textiles, packaging, warehousing, and automotive. We are standing by, ready to discuss your application needs. Give us a call today at 1-866-LIFT-O-FLEX!


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