Do you need to transport and/or manipulate heavy drums or barrels in your facility? Our equipment can help you with this task! We handle drums of various types and materials, ranging from fiber to metal to plastic. We also offer various accessories such as pour chutes and retainers.

We grip the drums by squeezing them from the outside using our Squeeze-O-Turn™ technology. We can then rotate them to pour contents or just pick and place them. We have used vacuum suction in some applications to grip the drum as well. We have several options available to help you with your drum-handling needs!

Drum Handling Solutions

19000 Series Portable Lifter
The 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® portable ergonomic lifter offers dynamic load handling characteristics for heavy load capacities.

20000 Series Portable Lifter
The 20500HS Series of LIFT-O-FLEX® portable lifters are ergonomically designed to simplify handling, lifting, and transportation of goods.

Lift-N-Glide Hybrid Lifter
The Lift-N-Glide™ is our hybrid lifter, utilizing the benefits of our Movomech Overhead Rail and/or crane system as well as the modular components of our 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® lifter.

Squeeze-O-Turn™ Attachment
Our electric Squeeze-O-Turn™ is a lifting device to support drum handling as well as the handling of any goods that require rotation, optimal for use in numerous environments and industries.

Lift-O-Squeeze™ Attachment
Our Lift-O-Squeeze™ attachment is designed for pick and place operations. Applications include the handling of rolls, barrels, drums, buckets, and boxes with a maximum weight of 170 pounds.

Lift-O-Turn™ Attachment
The Lift-O-Turn™ attachment can be equipped with different arms to handle various products that need to be rotated, such as “Brute” containers.

VacuHand V
Constructed for top-quality ergonomics, safety, and precision, the Vacuhand V is our vacuum lifter to handle loads between 10-440 pounds and is designed for a two-hand grip.

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