Vacuhand V

Constructed for top-quality ergonomics, safety, and precision, the Vacuhand V is our vacuum lifter to handle loads between 10-440 pounds and is designed for a two-hand grip. The lifting and lowering functions are regulated through a simple-to-use throttle.

Designed tightly for little to no leakage for secured performance and lower energy consumption. The controls on the handles allow for easy adjustment to the hovering settings regardless of load size or wide range of materials including sacks, carton boxes, and board materials such as glass, metal sheets, and doors.

Our range of standardized and grippers and accessories can be customized to fulfill your specific needs, including:


  • 200kg (440lb) Capacity
  • Load Retaining "Permanent" Magnets
  • Compressor Activated “Permanent” Magnets
  • End-effector Positioning with Demountable Remote Controller or Lift Mast Mounted Control Module
  • Foot Activated Brakes
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height
  • 4 Swivel Casters for Easy Maneuverability
  • EMC Compliant


  • Stainless Steel/Anodized Version
  • Powder Coated Paint/Anodized

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