Mobile solution with frequency-controlled lifting unit

Mobichain™ – Is a unique product that combines the mobile articulated jib crane smoothness with fast, precise and stepless lifting movements via an integrated Mechchain Pro.

Height-adjustable floor pillar, mobile or fixed mounting, reach of up to 4 meters and a lifting capacity up to 100 kg is Mobichain a exceptional product for ergonomic and sustainable handling.

Ergonomics in focus
Mobichain combines function and ergonomics in a modern product design suited for the futures demands and needs. The lifting and lowering movements are controlled via a joystick that can be free-haning or integrated in a gripper.

With or whitout a mobile footplate
Mobichain is the perfect solution if you want to use the articulated jib crane on different workingstations. This is possible if you choose a mobile footplate as a option, the only thing that this requires is that you have a manual pallet truck.

  • Mobile solution with frequency-controlled lifting unit for smooth stepless lift- and lower movements
  • High precision in combination with high lifting speed
  • Control via joystick
  • Compact, low construction height and silent working
  • Easy to move with manual pallet truck
  • Lifting capacity up to 100 kg
  • Smooth and ergonomic lifting
  • Max load/kg/100
  • Max jib arm range/m/4
  • Max pillar length/m/1,7-3,2
  • Stroke/m/3,3
  • Voltage/V/1x230V, N, PE

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