The Off Set Rotating “V” Block is designed for handling rolls with multiple drop-off locations. Rolls can be rotated for loading onto spindles or a shaft can be inserted (cross roll handling) for off-loading to bearing blocks.

Roll handling utilizing the “V” Block with Rollers allows for precision placement of the roll for cross roll operations. Rolls are positioned on the “V” Block by either manual or mechanized means. After placement, the lifter is moved into position for unloading by the lifter. The operator can now raise or lower the “V” Block to obtain the proper unload height and then and then position the roll by simply pushing the roll either “right” or “left.” Roller balls located in the “V” Block allow for ease of movement. If a shaft is required to be placed in the core of the roll, insert the shaft, then position the roll and then off-load to the machine.

The “V” Block with Rollers can handle rolls up to 200 lbs. with the LIFT-O-FLEX 20000 series and up to 300 lbs. with the LIFT-O-FLEX 19000 series (higher weight capacities are available).

The LIFT-O-FLEX® “V” Block Downloads

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