Wheeled Core Probe

For higher capacity roll handling, we recommend the solid or wheeled core probe. With the wheeled core probe, skate wheels are mounted to the top of the probe along its length and a latch pin is used to hold the roll into position after loading.

The principle of operation remains the same as for the fixed core probe except that for unloading purposes, the skate wheels assist the operator in off-loading or loading the core probe.

The wheeled core probe can be utilized to handle roll weighting up to approximately 200 pounds with the 20000 series LIFT-O-FLEX® and up to 300 pounds with the 19000 series LIFT-O-FLEX® lifter (higher weight capacities are available).

Loading Capacities

Loading of rolls with cores measuring 3 inches or above to spindles can be handled without the need for fixed or auxiliary equipment. The wheeled core probe is used to handle rolls from horizontal pickup to horizontal drop off.

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