Vacuhand Pro™

Efficient high-capacity vacuum lifter

Vacuhand Pro™ is an efficient vacuum lifter for handling of loads of up to 550 lbs. The lifter is maneuvered with a handle for two-handed operation and enables the easy and efficient handling of sacks, cardboard boxes and sheet material.

Optimal choice for handling sacks
When it comes to handling sacks, Vacuhand Pro™ is a given choice thanks to the lifter’s high capacity and great adaptability.

Broad product range
Vacuhand Pro™ comprises an extensive product range with different lifting unit models, power sources and accessories and, moreover, different grippers and special suction cups for lifting objects of different sizes and materials.

Ergonomic handling
Vacuhand Pro™ offers smooth and operator-friendly material handling and has adjustable stand-by positions for both with and without loads. The controller can be equipped with an articulated or fixed handle of different lengths to suit each particular workplace.

Stainless steel range
The product series also includes a selection of maneuvering units and grippers in stainless steel.

Configuration with test object
RonI recommends a thorough testing of the combination of suction grippers and associated control handle for the best results.

• For lifting up to 550 lbs
• Ideal for lifting sacks and panels
• Various handle options for optimal ergonomic working range
• Comprehensive accessory range

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