Easyhand ProRapid™

Easy-to-operate and rapid vacuum lifter with single-handed grip

Easyhand Pro™ is an easy-to-operate and very quick vacuum lifter with single-hand grip. The lifter can be smoothly and accurately manoeuvred with either the left or right hand.

For fast handling
Easyhand Pro Rapid™ is recommended for applications that require fast handling of cartons and packaging.

Several versions
The lifter is available in several configurations, from simple straight lifts with a suction cup in standard design to variants with swivel and 90-degree tilt function. Easyhand Pro Rapid™ is equipped with a fast release function, and its main application is fast box and parcel handling at workstations in logistics and distribution centers.

• Rapid, easy-to-handle vacuum lifter
• For loads up to 77 lbs
• Optimized for fast handling of cartons and packaging
• Offers several different suction cup configurations

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