Easyhand M™

Flexible vacuum lifter with modular design

Easyhand M™ is a flexible vacuum lifter with a modular design for loads of up to 110 lbs. It brings ease and convenience to the handling of everything from sacks and cardboard boxes to sheet materials such as glass, sheet metal and doors.

Easy to customize
Thanks to a large range of standardized grippers and accessories, such as swivels, angle joints, quick release devices, and extended and articulated handles, the lifter is easily adapted to your exact needs.

Ergonomic handle
The lifting and lowering function is regulated with an ergonomically designed control handle. Controls on the operating handle make it easy to adjust the lifter’s stand-by height with or without a load.

Energy-saving and fail-safe
The lifter is designed to ensure minimum leakage, which means both safe handling and low energy consumption.

• For lifting up to 110 lbs
• Modular design
• Easily adapted to suit needs and purposes
• Large accessory range

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