Sheet metal panels weighing up to 200 pounds can safely be picked up and manipulated to various positions for manufacturing and/or assembly purposes. The end-effector allows for simple access to the load by engaging “permanent” magnets to hold the load in position. The magnets can be positioned easily by unlocking quick lock devices and moving them to the proper position. An on-board compressor is used to engage or disengage the magnets from the panels. If the loss of air pressure from the compressor occurs, the “permanent" magnets will hold the load in position until the problem is rectified. Holes, louvers, slots, etc. in the panel where the magnets are placed still allow for panel pickup.

The panel can easily be maneuvered by one person, making a two or three person job into a one person job. By using the remote control, the panel can be raised or lowered. A separate control module controls the panel positioning for ease of job performance.


  • 200-lb capacity
  • Load retaining “Permanent” magnets
  • EMC Compliant
  • Compressor activated “Permanent” Magnets
  • End-effector positioning w/ demountable remote controller or lift mast mounted control module
  • Foot activated brakes
  • Adjustable handlebar height
  • 4 swivel casters for easy maneuverability


  • Stainless Steel/Anodized Version
  • Powder Coated Paint/Anodized


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