Lift-N-Glide™ Hybrid Lifter

The Lift-N-Glide™ is our hybrid lifter, utilizing the benefits of our Movomech Overhead Rail and/or crane system as well as the modular components of our 19000 Series LIFT-O-FLEX® lifter. With this hybrid, we are able to deliver diverse load handling characteristics for mid to heavy-weight load capacities up to 500 pounds. The Lift-N-Glide™ has been ergonomically designed to simplify handling, lifting, and transportation of goods. Just as with our traditional lifters, each unit can be equipped with different load carriers or “attachments”. The goods are placed on the attachment and manipulated to the desired height by pressing the buttons on the remote control. The only difference is this hybrid can be built on either a rail system or tower with arm so it can overcome the issue of rough or uneven flooring. It is available in powder-coated steel (standard) or in optional stainless steel. The modular nature of this equipment allows us to build a unit perfectly suited to your application needs.


  • Interchangeable electronic power pack
  • Enclosed lift mast with ball screw
  • Detachable remote controller
  • Adjustable ergonomic handlebar

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