The Lift-O-Turn™ attachment can be equipped with different arms to handle various products that need to be rotated, such as “Brute” containers. With the Lift-O-Turn™ incorporating a set of custom arms with retaining pins, the handles on the container are engaged. The operator manually positions the pins prior to lifting the container. The retaining pins keep the container positioned during emptying or pouring operations. Attachment selection depends on load size, weight, and container contents. The lifter can be provided with numerous options, including scales.

The Lift-O-Turn™ control module contains right and left rotation push buttons and the built-in safety feature controls require “Inhibit” button activation before rotation of pail. The optional control module includes a joystick with variable speed control (left or right only). The 19000 Series Lifter with telescopic mast is the best option for “Brute” container rotating and offers an optional removable pour chute.

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