Our Voyager line of lifters was designed with innovative technology, being lightweight and incredibly strong at the same time. In fact, due to their specially-designed aluminum frame, our Voyager Lifters are 30% lighter than standard steel Lifters. This lifter line provides a great alternative when lifting capacities exceed the capabilities of our LIFT-O-FLEX line. The Voyager can handle load capacities up to 2200 pounds. The anodized finish makes it ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Voyager comes standard with adjustable forks; however, a wide range of attachments are available to include steel platforms, roller platforms, jibs, booms, drum carriers, reel carriers, and drum clamps. The unit comes with polyurethane wheels and a simple push button control. An optional long cable pendant controller is available, which allows the operator to walk around the unit, giving them increased visibility. Battery and internal charger are included with each unit.


Squeeze-O-Turn 1100LBS

Our Voyager Squeeze-O-Turn is an award winning design that can grip, lift and rotate up to 1100 lbs reel, rolls or 55 gallon drums. This steel and lightweight aluminium modular construction is up to 30% lighter and easier to maneuvre than standard steel stackers. This minimal weld construction also leaves fewer points of possible weakness

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  • High lift capability
  • Manual or electric models
  • Award winning design
  • High levels of functionality and comfort
  • Safety features such as deadman type hand control and safety trip plate

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