Mech Rail

Built on anodized telescoping aluminum profiles, greatly minimizing maintenance, the Mechrail is a lightweight, ergonomically designed rail system, which makes it easy to install and use. The T-channels and flanges located along all profile sides, along with our modular parts, running along all sides of the profiles allow for maximize load strength. The Mechrail has the ability to handle loads up to 2,200 pounds. Please note, while smooth profiles are also available which allow for easy cleaning in applications, they also demand a high degree of cleanliness.

The Mechrail is designed to fluidly sync with other components of our Movomech line and in some cases, may be maneuvered manually. The suspension of the rail profiles is fitted into the top channel of the profile and offers the ability to be roof-mounted or floor-mounted. The Mechrail also includes a number of components for providing drive units or lifting equipment with compressed air or electricity.


  • Lightweight rail system
  • Many suspension alternatives
  • Trolleys, drive units and media supply

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